2-5 Leveling Kit F150

Though both types of lifts add to the height specifications of your truck, they both serve different purposes and different uses. A suspension lift kit has a much more comprehensive installation process and service compared to a leveling kit. A suspension lift kit comes in various custom shapes and sizes including the 2", 4", 6", 8" or higher suspension adjustments based on your height modification goals for your vehicle.

A leveling kit is specifically designed to only slightly raise the stock height of the front-end and match it with the height at the rear. This suspension adjustment component is simple to attach, providing a maximum lift of only about 2-3 inches. They can be easy to install and will not require additional upgrades such as ladder/traction bars or replacing the coil springs on the vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Having My Ford F150 Super Duty “Leveled”?
Because most vehicle manufacturers install stiff rear springs to brand new vehicles for accommodating height adjustments when carrying heavy loads, brand-new trucks usually come with a slightly higher back end. For drivers who regularly use their trucks to haul heavy loads over times, the rear suspension will settle and soften slightly, leveling with the front height over time and repeated use. For drivers who do not regularly haul large or heavy loads in the bed of their vehicle, however, the mismatch in height between the front and rear suspension can become a concern due to looks and also due to suspension performance over time. When not using your truck to haul heavy loads, the rear suspension will not soften over time - but the front suspension will, due to supporting the weight of the passengers and engine block, etc., over time. This can even begin to affect your truck's handling and driving characteristics, if left unresolved.

For these reasons, you would need to have a leveling kit installed to prevent tire and suspension problems. Installing a leveling equipment on your Ford F150 not only breaks the monotony of a raised rear-end truck, but a levelling kit will not negatively affect the payload capacity in any way, and will not disturb the bushings or shocks. A leveling kit also avoids the “raked” stance of your truck making your Ford F150 look aesthetically streamlined.

How Do I Find the Best Leveling Kit for My Ford F150?
Though most levelling kits come as an OEM part, choosing the best ones can be a big problem. Choosing one that eliminates a truck rake and provides you with adequate clearance for bigger tires add value to your investment.

Among the other things you need to look at are the coating finish and the fabrication of the system. A powder coated leveling kit system stays healthy and durable while a laser-cut steel construction gives you a rugged build able to withstand corrosive elements. Ease of installation and superior design should also be considered when deciding what modifications to make to your vehicle.

What is the 2.5" Leveling Kit for Ford F150?

A truck that is not often or is never used to pull or haul heavy loads in the rear can become more and more uneven over time, as the front suspension softens and settles with use and the rear suspension remains stiff and unyielding. As the name implies, a Leveling Kit is an essential part adjustment modifier to keep your truck levels at an ideal condition and prevent suspension issues or poor handling down the line. A leveling kit or spacer raises the front suspension of your vehicle to help shift some of the weight load to the rear suspension, improve steering geometry and handling characteristics, and prevent a nose-down, sagging look.

TGC's 2.5" Leveling Kit for Ford F150 is specially designed to fine-tune the Ford F150 Series. Our Leveling Kit includes all the hardware you need to slightly raise and increase ground clearance without affecting the factory suspension components. Our 2.5" Leveling Kit for Ford F150 improves your vehicle imbalance and will not require cutting or drilling to install. Many people find they can successfully install our leveling kits in as little as 1 hour!

Top Gun Customz offers the most reliable aftermarket products for your RAM and Ford trucks. They provide the 2.5" Leveling Kit for Ford F150 for your suspension clearance needs, marked with a 5-year and 60,000 mile limited warranty on parts and a 1 year warranty on all powder coating.