Bilstein Dual Steering Stabilizer F250

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How Can I Tell If My Dual Steering Stabilizer Needs Replacing?

It’s fairly obvious when something is wrong with your steering stabilizer. You just have to pay closer attention to how your vehicle is driving especially when you’re off-road. In fact, don’t wait for the following signs to get worse before you pay your mechanic a visit:

  • Hydraulic fluid leakage. Check under your vehicle and see if there’s any leakage around the engine area on the steering wheel side. That would be a tell-tale sign that the seal on the steering stabilizer has been compromised. Ask your mechanic if it’s best to repair the puncture or just replace the unit altogether.
  • The steering wheel doesn’t feel properly fastened anymore. The whole point of a dual steering stabilizer is just that - to stabilize your vehicle. So if you feel that things are getting a little loosey-goosey, then it definitely needs inspecting.
  • You hear rattling from under your vehicle. A clunking noise is usually a sign of something broken. This particular noise is confined mainly where your steering column is attached to your vehicle, so look out for rattling that seems to be coming from below.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms with your vehicle, do not hesitate to get in touch with Top Gun Customz. Their experienced and highly qualified mechanics will definitely pinpoint what’s wrong with your steering stabilizer to see if it needs replacing.

If it does, they will only use high quality parts like the Bilstein dual steering stabilizer for your Ford F250. They will purchase the part for you and expertly install it in no time.

What’s a Death Wobble?

A death wobble usually happens at higher speeds. It’s a vibration that is mainly felt around the steering wheel. It should feel like the entire steering system has a mind of its own and you’ll have difficulty controlling your vehicle especially when you’re driving on a road that’s not paved.

This is very common among Ford trucks because of the kind of suspension that they use. Most people think that the culprit is either the shocks or the steering stabilizer. That’s not actually the case at all.

It’s a combination of a lot of steering components that have gone loose or faulty. Anything from a broken tie rod to low tire pressure can set it off. That’s why it’s hard to diagnose the problem yourself because it could be coming from a number of things.

It’s very likely that your steering stabilizer is not causing death wobbles. However, it definitely takes a beating every time these vibrations happen.

Having your car checked by a professional regularly will help prevent worsening of any damage. While locating anything that might need repairs, they will also replace parts that are worn and beyond repair.

You could benefit from a new Bilstein dual steering stabilizer for your Ford F250, which they will order and install for you to get rid of those death wobbles once and for all.

Check out Top Gun Customz’ website to get in touch with them today. They offer over 250 vehicle parts to address any issues that you might be having with your Ford F250.