Dodge Ram 1500 Lift Kit

The primary purpose of having a lift kit modification is to create and additional clearance for your vehicle and improve the front and rear stance of your truck.  There are several ways to eliminate your truck’s “raked” look, including using blocks, torsion keys, and add-a-leaf springs. This method lifts the chassis of your vehicle and adds an extra clearance for your tires.

Choosing the appropriate lift is a matter of knowing how much tire clearance you need and required suspension travels. It is essential to understand that shifting the center of gravity of your vehicle can make the car susceptible to tipping. When having a lift kit installed, make sure to adjust all the other components, including the speedometer calibration, gearings, and other vehicular performance and speed settings.

What is the Dodge RAM 1500 Lift Kit?

Enhancing the overall stance of your Dodge RAM vehicle, the Dodge RAM 1500 Lift Kit is a mild levelling component especially designed for Dodge RAM 4WD cars. These components are reinforced with high quality metal construction to ensure a quality lift. It provides 2” to 4” of spacing between the wheels and the side skirts.

The Dodge RAM 1500 Lift Kit comes in several variants including the 3” Budget Coil Suspension Lift Kit ideal for 4x4 trucks. The lift kit contains all the needed components from the front shocks to the rear U-bolts for superior ride quality and easy installation. The Budget Lift Kit can be used on Dodge RAM models from 1994-2001.

Why Do I Need to Install a Lift Kit on My Dodge RAM Truck?

A lift kit is a necessary suspension modification that improves your trucks off road performance. An aftermarket product, a Dodge truck Lift Kit can be useful in providing a sound aesthetics making the height of your vehicle even on all sides.

A suspension lift is typically installed so your truck can obtain maximum driving efficiency when trekking steep approaches or driving through breakover angles. One useful aspect of getting a lift kit for your off-road driving is the higher ground clearance and your truck’s ability to accommodate larger tires.

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Lift Kit Installed on My Truck?

Lift kits are aftermarket packages, which means you have to purchase a compatible lift based on the specific model of your vehicle. The initial costs depend on the size you want to have for your car as there are several lift variants available.

Installation for small truck lift kits depends on the model of the vehicle, materials used for installation, and the manual labour. Suspension lift kit materials for about the height of 2.5” costs roughly about $400 to $1,700, excluding work.   Lift kits for about 6” onwards range from $1,000 to $2,500 depending on the suspension installation Stages and its complexity. 

Top Gun Customz offers top quality Dodge RAM 1500 Lift Kits to provide you with a superior quality ride.  They have major components made from heavy duty and rust-free steel construction.