Dodge Ram 1500 Lower Control Arm

Though this component is not a relatively known vehicle part, they serve an essential purpose of allowing your tires to go up and down smoothly. In most cases, when your mechanic tells you the need for replacement, it really is a need; otherwise, you end up with a rough drive and an uneasy steering.

Connecting your Dodge RAM 1500’s suspension to the vehicle frame, the lower control arms are essential tools for manoeuvring your vehicle or when turning your wheels and making a pivot.  The control arms are actually crucial components of the suspension system, which comfortably wears down with constant use.

How Does the Control Arms Absorb Road Impact?

The most basic concept of the control arms is to absorb road impact so the tires can travel smoothly. The Dodge RAM 1500 lower control arm is responsible for regulating the movement of the wheels and ensuring that they are aligned with the vehicle’s body.

While the suspension shocks hold the components up, your Dodge RAM 1500 lower control arm has the control arms to absorb road impact. The part moves up and down so the tire can rotate on its axis and stay in line with the body. An example of the power of this tiny component is when hitting a road bump where compression is carried by the control arm, and the entire weight of the vehicle is dissipated into the suspension system. 

How Many Control Arms Does My Vehicle Have?

The number of wheels typically correspond to the number of control arms it has. Although the amount depends on the type of suspension system and whether your car has shocks and struts. Newer car models have their control arms located in the front suspensions.

There are still vehicles though with an upper and lower control arm, but the most current vehicle only has lower control arms because of how the strut assemblage is designed. Often called a double wishbone suspension, most cars with an upper and lower control arm need to have a synchronized motion and need to be at parallel with each other.

Are There Any Signs of Worn Down Control Arms?

There are certainly signs of wearing control arms which warrant the attention of your mechanic. In a standard driving setting, the most common symptoms you need to consider are the mileage average, which primarily affects the integrity of your car’s assemblies.

A vehicle with more the 90,000 miles travelled needs to be inspected for control arms wear down. In most cases, replacement of the component restores the original manoeuvrability of the car. Though it might be seemingly unaffecting, driving your Dodge RAM 1500 over potholes and bumps wear the brushings out.

When you see uneven wears on your tires, it might be casues the control arm assembly is not properly rotating the wheel at the proper intervals. Another vital sign of a control arm replacement is the vibrating noise of the steering whee or a banging sound when drivng through humps or bumps.

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