Dodge Ram 2500 8 Inch Lift Kit

Performance packed to get you safely off the dirt road, the Dodge RAM 2500 8 inch Lift Kit has a unique grip on the tracks to provide you with a smooth driving performance. Aside from providing a superior on-road luxury, the Dodge RAM 2500 8 inch Lift Kit guarantees to provide you with a smooth off-road experience, stability performance, and a high handling capacity on all terrain.

What makes this Dodge RAM 2500 accessory unique is its ability to provide excellent stability to your drive. It has a sturdy mount mechanism and a maximized suspension geometry to take you across a variety of rough terrain.

Why Are There Different Kinds of Car Lift Kits?

There are different kinds of lifting kits for Jeeps and various 4x4 vehicle. People opting to have their vehicle lifted have this type of modification done because of practical applications. Increasing ground clearance allows drivers to drive through diverse terrain, including rocky hillsides and dangerous roads.

Considering that Dodge RAM 2500 is not designed for off-road driving, this type of modification is done to protect the undercarriage from sustaining damage during risky drives. A lift kit not only improves the driveability factor of the vehicle but also serves an aesthetic purpose of elevating the wheel set and changing the car to rugged design.

What Types of Lift Kits are Available for the Dodge RAM 2500?

If you have plans on hitting cross country and rough terrains, there are various alterations for your Dodge RAM 2500. Top Gun Customz is a great shopping place for quality Lift Kits for your RAM 2500 vehicle from dual shock brackets for reducing body roll and firming up your ride quality to rear lift block and U-Bolt kits.

The Dodge RAM 2500’s skirt can be customized either via a body lift kit or a suspension lift kit where components are upgraded for better suspension articulation. A body lift kit adds extra height to your vehicle by modifying the vehicle to allow for larger wheels and tires.  Suspension lift kits give your vehicle better height by allowing your car to accommodate larger tires.

Will Lifting My Dodge 2500 Truck Affect the Quality of My Ride?

A properly modified vehicle will not affect the quality of your ride. Because most lift kit manufacturing companies now pay more attention to the driveability factor and better ride quality, more and more lifted vehicle posses the same if not better steering maneuverability and ride capacity.

It may be a fact that not all lift kits are created equal, but knowing what kind of height adjustment best fits your vehicle will reward you on your investments. It is also important to understand that lift kits are not one size fits all components, and finding one that suits your needs is very important. 

Top Gun Customz in Knoxville, Tennessee has a catalog of lift kits and suspension components for various car makes and models. Using 100% American steel, the brand parts manufacturer has over 250 parts and components applicable to over 350 vehicles.