Dodge Ram 2500 Adjustable Control Arms

Often called and A-arm, your Dodge RAM 2500 adjustable control arms provide a proper adjustment and calibration of the wheel’s camber angle. The primary purpose of the adjustable control arms is to give you a better grip and steering control during hard wheeling and off-road drives.

The camber angle refers to the vertical alignment of the wheel axis when steering, and the adjustable control arms are integral parts of the suspension system. It supports all the other major components and provides you with better steering power. The adjustable control arms are influential to your vehicle’s driveability and affect the quality of your ride.

What Happens When the Adjustable Control Arm Breaks While on the Road?

Just like all other components, your Dodge RAM 2500 adjustable control arms are also susceptible to wear and tear. Although broken control arms may not be that dangerous, your control over the steering wheel lessens, causing your vehicle to slightly veering to the left or right when running.  

But just remember that the adjustable A-arm of your Dodge RAM 2500 is a critical component of the suspension system, and early signs of wear need to be addressed. A broken or worn down adjustable control arms lead to several issues affecting the quality of your ride and longevity of the suspension system, including your tires.

What is Negative and a Positive Camber?

Camber refers to the vertical alignment and angle made by the wheels when running. It is a crucial part of the steering and suspension design, allowing you to drive your vehicle at certain conditions better. The camber of your suspension system affects your handling, the adjustability of your car’s performance, and road worthiness at uneven terrains.

  • Negative Camber – A negative camber is an adjustment position where the wheels are slightly tipped inwards, and the wheel axles are leaning towards the center. This type of angle is suitable for making around corner turns where the wheels and tires get better positioning.
  • Positive Camber – A positive camber is when the wheels are tipped outwards, and the bottom part of the wheel is closer to the center. This angle is more stable because it pulls the vehicle to each side. Positive camber is more likely to be used in tractors and other agricultural vehicles so drivers need not use too much effort for steering.

What Role Do The Adjustable Control Arms Have With a Camber?

The adjustable control arms are the most essential component needed when correcting a negative or positive camber. This is done when installing a lift kit or when lowering the kit as it affects the condition of the other parts of the system. An uncorrected camber usually influences the tire’s traction, which causes uneven or premature wearing of the tires.

Setting the camber angle with your Dodge RAM 2500 vehicle is comfortable with the correct adjustable control arms unit and the proper alignment. Get your Dodge RAM 2500 adjustable control arms from reliable makers like Top Gun Customz in Knoxville, Tennessee.