Dodge Ram 2500 Control Arm Replacement

The control arm is one of the most critical yet unnoticed parts of your Dodge RAM 2500. The component has the vital role of connecting the suspension to the actual frame of your vehicle. While the control arm is a tiny part of the whole mechanism, it actually has the controlling power to set the wheel’s motion, so they are in line with the vehicle’s body.

A Dodge RAM 2500 control arm replacement is needed when vibrations and banging sounds start to appear. The costs of having one replaced are not is not as expensive as you might think, and consider parts and labor. Price for a complete control arm replacement can be anywhere from $110 to $120, and labor depends on your location but could be anywhere from $200-$255.

Can I Drive With Bad Control Arms?

Although not as dangerous, a deficient control arm will make your drive uncomfortable. It also has the tendency to bend or possibly break when going over large bumps and potholes. Not only that, but the brushings can also wear down, causing a domino effect on the entire undercarriage system.

The most common signs you need a Dodge RAM 2500 control arm replacement are the uneven wear of the tire sets. If you get an uneven wearing on each side, you need to check all the components, including the control arm for possible replacements.

What are the Common Symptoms for a Bad Control Arm?

There are several tell-tale signs that you need to have your vehicle inspected and ruled out for possible control arm replacement. Among some of the common indications include:

  1. Clunking Noises. One of the most noticeable signs of a broken A-arm or control arm is the strange clunking noises you’d hear when veering your vehicle to a particular direction. This sound also appears when going through rough terrain.
  2. Steering wheel vibrations. Though not the most visible sign of a broken or damaged control arm, a Dodge RAM 2500 with a vibrating steering wheel could have the brushings or the ball joints excessively worn resulting to wheel and steering vibrations.
  3. Steering wanders. One of the most common symptoms of a failing or broken control arm assembly is wandering steering when on the road. An excessively worn out A-arm shifts the steering alignment causing your vehicle to either pull to the left or veer to the right unintentionally.

When Should I Have the Control Arm Replaced?

A Dodge RAM 2500 control arm replacement is vital to keep your off-road vehicle’s performance in tiptop shape. Because your truck keeps you protected when trekking rough terrain, the control arms need to be replaced at the first signs of wear or possible damage.

When looking for a good Dodge RAM 2500 control arm replacement part, also look for a superior quality component that serves your vehicle for a long time. Top Gun Customz is an all-American brand with suspension parts made from 100% American steel.