Dodge Ram 2500 Control Arms

The Dodge Ram was built for towing and heavy lifting, but recently it has become a lifestyle truck as well. You just look good behind the wheel even when you bring the family along for a quick getaway on an off-beaten path. The Cummins diesel engine is capable of churning out a class-leading 1,000 pounds of torque. This truck is as brawny as it looks as it can pull as much as 7 tons of weight.

Most people probably have heard about the control arm for the first time when they are told by the mechanic that this car component needed to be replaced. People think that it’s the shock absorbers that allow them to have a comfortable ride. But they don’t know that the Dodge Ram control arms absorb the abuse of the road.

How to Know if My Dodge Ram 2500 Control Arm Needs a Replacement?

It’s one of those car parts that are content at working behind the scene, even when it’s literally taking in too much abuse when your truck runs through a pothole or unpaved road.  

Because the control arms take in the abuse, they are also prone to wear and tear. As a rule of thumb, the control arms should be replaced even 10,000 kilometers or so. One of the symptoms to look out for is if you feel vibrations on your steering wheel. You will also find that your suspension system is not working at the optimum level, which results in the ride-and-drive quality.

You can also try letting go of the vehicle and see if it careens left or right. This could be a symptom of a misaligned vehicle but it’s better to allow the mechanic to also look at your Dodge Ram 2500 control arms, as well.

Also, watch out for these signs:

  • Clunking sound when you hit a road bump or a pothole
  • Your car veers to the left or right on uneven or unpaved surfaces
  • Your car feels unstable when applying the brakes

What are the Benefits of Replacing the Control Arms?

Apart from the obvious safety issues, defective control arms will mean that some of the components in your truck will overcompensate.

It will also help enhance the performance of your vehicle, as well as extend the lifespan of your tires and other parts.

How Much to Replace a Dodge Ram 2500 Control Arm?

There’s really no reason for you to delay going to the garage to have your Dodge Ram 2500 control arm replaced. You can have yours replaced for under $500. On average, vehicle owners pay around $350 for the job. You don’t have to replace the front and rear control arms at once but only the worn-out parts. Nevertheless, if your front control arms are already showing wear and tear, it’s a good bet that the rear control arms are also in the same condition, if not worse.

The replacement kit will already have all you need so you don’t have to buy more parts when you install the control arms for your Dodge Ram 2500.