Dual Steering Stabilizer Dodge Ram 2500

Though it can be a more expensive endeavor, adding custom parts to your car or truck can do wonders for the performance and durability of your vehicle. After all, when buying custom, you are paying for a tailor-made fit to your car, meant to keep that aspect of the vehicle running as smoothly as possible.

For suspension systems, stabilizer kits can be beneficial to the life of your vehicle as well as the drive that you experience.

Why would dual stabilizing kits be beneficial for my Dodge Ram 2500?

There are many benefits to improving the dual steering stabilizers on bigger trucks like the Dodge Ram 2500. Improving the drivability of the car is paramount, making for a smoother ride than ever before. The stabilizers improve the control and handling of trucks with larger tires.

Most importantly, it improves wear and tear on tires and ball joints. Ball joints and tires can be expensive to replace, and in the case of ball joints, it is often recommended that they are replaced in sets to provide even wear and tear through use. Custom steering stabilizers will extend the life of both the ball joint and the tire, giving you more use before needing to replace them.

Top Gun Customz makes custom kits for your Dodge Ram 2500.

Top Gun Customz creates custom steering stabilizer kits for many makes, models, and brands, specifically for larger trucks like the Ford F250/350 and the Dodge Ram 2500. We understand that the ride in larger vehicles can sometimes be less smooth than others, and we aim to change that with our high-quality custom parts.

Each kit comes with a center mount for the tie rod, passenger and driver side axle mounts (all three made of ¼" steel), a TGC Logo center plate, and all of the necessary hardware and instructions for you to install manually. Additionally, all steel pieces are finished in a premium black powder coated finish to provide maximum durability.

Can I include shocks in the kit?

Yes, shocks are available for addition to the kits though they do not come standard with the kits. You have the option to add on white shocks or Bilstein shocks for the kit you decide on. Bilstein shocks are some of the finest in the industry, providing excellent quality and reliability to a kit that will make your ride smoother even without these top-of-the-line shocks.

It is important to note: your kit does not automatically come with shocks. If you want shocks to come with your kit, you have to add them before adding the kit to your cart. Otherwise, they will not come as part of the kit.

Top Gun Customz is about reliability and quality.

We stand out among a sea of competitors thanks to our commitment to quality and reliability, but also because we want to personalize each of our kits to fit the needs of the customer, it is going to. We demand more of ourselves, creating some of the highest quality custom kits in the business.