F250 Leveling Kit

Ford’s F-Series is what the Model A was during the early part of the history of cars. Although not many people know it, the F-Series, which also includes the F250, has been around since the last ‘70s. It’s also the top-selling pick-up truck since 1986. It is that iconic.

Nowadays, truck owners have been modifying their trucks to make them stand out. It doesn’t even matter that the F250 comes out of the gate very aggressive-looking. They still need to put in there larger rims to truly create a head-turning monster.

Can You Combine Both the F250 Leveling Kit and Suspension Lift?

Theoretically, you can do that. However, most suspension kits come with their leveling kit, so it doesn't make much sense.

It’s more common to combine both the leveling kit and the body lift, which gives you the same function as a full suspension lift at a cheaper cost.

Truck owners buy the leveling kit because of the raked stance of their pick-up truck to match the height of both the front and rear.

Why do they need to do that?

If they don’t use their truck much for hauling, the F250 leveling kit will allow them to put in larger tires. They can put 33-35” tires after installing some leveling kit on the front of their vehicle. Besides, this aftermarket accessory doesn’t impact on the payload of the vehicle.

The leveling kits come in three main types:

  • Strut extensions - This type adds a spacer on top of the built-in strut. You don’t need to buy additional parts to install this one.
  • Leaf spring blocks - This leveling kit will be wedged between the axle and the leaf springs. This is the most common method to add more support on the bed for hauling or towing.
  • Coil spacers - This one will be installed on the built-in spring buckets. This will enhance the performance, as well as the ride quality of your truck.

Should I Choose a Suspension Lift for or a Ford F250 Leveling Kit?

People still confuse aftermarket modifications like the body lift, suspension lift, or the leveling kit. After all, their main purpose seems to be to lift your truck to give it a more aggressive look, as well as to give plenty of clearance.

The F250 leveling kit works much like it sounds. Even if you don’t notice it, your average pick-up truck comes out of the gate assuming what’s called the raked stance. This is when the rear of the truck is higher than the front. The bed of the pick-up truck, after all, is designed to haul heavy objects. This means that when you are fully loaded, the rear suspension doesn't take much of the abuse.

The leveling kit has many functions:

  • It can lift your truck for aesthetics
  • It can allow you to install bigger rims and tires
  • It can ensure good weight displacement
  • It can prevent wear and tear on the tires, suspension, and other parts

The F250 leveling kit provides a lift as little as half an inch or as high as 2.5 inches.

For a more dramatic lift, however, the suspension or the body lift would be the way to go. These aftermarket accessories can lift your truck from 2 inches up to a foot high.