F350 Traction Bars

Though it may not be in the budgetary guidelines for some, buying custom parts for your vehicle can have a litany of benefits. Custom parts may work better or fit better with other parts in your system, providing greater unity, a smoother ride, and longer life for the adjoining parts.

Custom kits also allow you to fit your car or truck with precisely what you desire in that section of components. You know precisely what is going into your vehicle and what it is supposed to be doing.

Top Gun Customz provides custom parts and custom personalization.

Top Gun Customz prides itself on providing custom suspension parts, allowing our customers to enjoy a completely personalized feel whenever they purchase parts or kits from us. We appreciate the impact that the suspension system has on a car, and we work diligently to provide the best part options available on the market.

We also sell and install the top brands in the industry because we know that personalization is up to you; we work to create that personalization whether or not we are selling or installing parts that we made.

What do traction bars do?

Having heavy-duty, durable traction bars can have many benefits:

  • Both rear wheels will remain grounded, getting equal ground pressure, providing constant forward progress with no rear-end hop.
  • No more axle wrap
  • Firmer, tighter transmission shifts
  • Leaf springs stay where they are supposed to for more suspension control
  • You see improved launches when at the track
  • Less wear and tear on driveline parts: pinion yokes, U-joints, leaf springs, and driveshafts.

Our custom traction bars are made to last and to provide benefits to the rest of your vehicle during the duration of their life.

Our traction bars are heavy-duty.

Each of our traction bars is rigid, heavy, adjustable, and made of steel that bolts to the bottom of the axle. With pivoted brackets on both ends of the traction bars, they avoid creating additional heavy stress points on the suspension, resulting in greater life. These custom designs prevent wheel hop during hard accelerations in lifted trucks by preventing the axle from twisting backward when it delivers forward thrust.

Our kits are made for Ford models of various years as well as long beds, long beds with overlays, short beds, and short beds with overlays. Regardless of the style of F350 that you have, we likely have traction bars to fit.

What is included in the traction bar kits?

Included in each kit are two heavy-duty, fully powder coated, steel constructed traction bars, all of the necessary hardware and detailed instructions to complete installation.

It is critical to measure from the center of the axle to the frame to determine the length of the traction bars to ensure ladder bar frame mount fitment. Be sure to allow for 8" of clean frame free of braces or mounts.

We also offer optional black powder coating if you choose to have a custom powder coat color applied, allowing for full customization.

Our kits are explicitly tailored to your needs from top to bottom.