GMC Sierra Leveling Kit

Since the first generation Sierra debuted in 1987, although it was then better known as Chevrolet C / K, the Sierra has established itself as a premier workhorse and a benchmark of what a pick-up truck should be.

Is a GMC Sierra Leveling Kit Worth Your Investment?

If leveling kits are so important, why don’t vehicle manufacturers include them in-stock? That’s a good question. The answer is that it’s not a life-and-death situation, but they shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Think of the leveling kit as similar in function to the body lift kit, although that’s a very simplistic comparison. The leveling kit ensures even weight distribution, especially if you’ve modified your truck. It’s not just aesthetics but also guarantees optimum performance because the uneven distribution will impact on the handling, diesel consumption, as well as accelerates wear and tear on your suspension.

Another advantage is that they lift your truck to accommodate larger rims and tires, giving your vehicle a more aggressive look, as well as better suited for off-road purposes.

But these tools are very specific. For instance, the GMC Sierra leveling kit won’t work on the Dodge RAM 1500. You have to custom-build this to fit your vehicle. Fortunately, GMC has stocks available for the Sierra, ranging from a half-inch to a maximum of 2.5 inches. They are also relatively easy to install, which means you can get back your truck in a few hours.

Is it Expensive to Get a Leveling Kit for My Truck?

The short answer is no. This is a good investment considering the cost-value tradeoff.

Browse our website, and you will find that we have the most competitive prices around when it comes to car parts and accessories. You can improve your truck’s performance or lift it several inches buy purchasing a GMC Sierra leveling kit.

Bringing your truck to a reputable garage to install the kit will cost you somewhere between $300 to $500.

You can save even more money if you have some background in cars and know how to install it yourself.

The beauty of the leveling kit is in its simplicity. Among the components are the torsion keys, the strut extensions, and the coil spacers.

Which is Better, a Suspension Kit, or a Leveling Kit?

In terms of cost, there is no contest as a leveling kit will save you a lot of money. For instance, a full body lift will set you back around $4,000, and it can run up to double figures, depending on the make of your vehicle.

As for the suspension kit, it will cost somewhere between $500 up to $2,000. Much cheaper than the full body kit but still, it’s quite hefty on the wallet.

Meanwhile, the most expensive leveling kit will probably cost around $1,000. However, if you are planning on putting your truck through so much abuse off-road, then you should consider upgrading your suspension as a GMC Sierra leveling kit might not be enough for the job.