Ram 1500 Upper Control Arm

Control arms are little known components of your vehicle but serve a humongous need because they manage your tires up and down operations. Most typical cars have a total of two to four control arms depending if the suspension system has shocks or struts. Although the suspension system components play a crucial role, most of the newer models appearing in the market now has control arms only at the front suspension and not at the back.

Because of the strut and shock assembly, some vehicles have both upper and lower control arms.  SUVs and trucks with both assemblies are known to have double wishbone suspension where both arms run alongside each other. Modern designs, though only has the lower control arms because the strut assembly is designed differently.

What Does the Upper Control Arm Do?

The primary purpose of the control arm is to connect the wheel hub to the vehicle’s frame. The upper control arm and the lower control arm in trucks and SUVs form the letter A, which is part of the whole suspension system. These components are attached to the chassis and are responsible for managing the wheels up and down motion.

The upper control arm works synchronously with the lower control arm for changing the vehicle’s direction without any hindrances and resistance. The unified motion of both RAM 1500 high control arm and the lower control arms provide a smoother ride and prevent bumpier movements caused by uncomfortable steering.

Are My RAM 1500 Upper Control Arm Important Vehicle Components?

If your truck or SUV has an upper control arm, it definitely is an essential component of the whole suspension system. Your vehicle’s suspension system does not only end with the springs and shocks, but significant parts like the upper control arms are equally important.

The whole control arm is attached to the vehicle’s frame and supports the entire wheel system. If this component gets damaged, your car would not function smoothly and result in sudden and unintentional turns when on the road. Because the RAM 1500 upper control arm provides supportive functions, your tire set would experience difficulties.

What Happens When the Upper Control Arm Gets Damaged?

Aside from experiencing bumpier rides, you can experience either over steering or understeering.  This is because the wheels of your vehicle have the tendency to veer to the left or right, causing an unpredictable sudden directional shift.

In such cases, when problems like this happen, it is better to have your vehicle checked for suspension problems and for possible damage to your RAM 1500 upper control arm. The issue can only be resolved by replacing the entire system, or possible replacement of the upper arm alone can help fix a meandering and uneasy drive.

There are many Dodge RAM 1500 upper control arm manufacturers in the country, but choosing one does not have to be complicated. Find one that offers a 100% American steel and quality assurance that surpasses industry standards.

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