Ram 2500 6 Inch Lift

There are many benefits of customizing your vehicle with an aftermarket accessory as it can boost performance and increase aesthetical value. Many add-ons increase the resale value of your car, depending on the modification and the amount of the materials used.

Though it actually depends on your potential customer, customizing your vehicle with a 6-inch lift kit will not strongly influence its resale value. Most people consider it as an add-on feature, saving them extra work, money, and efforts of having one installed. There are also people looking for a lifted vehicle because they want a fully-customized truck and are willing to pay a decent amount for it.

What Other Extra Benefits Do I Get if I Have My Truck Fitted With a Dodge RAM 2500 6 inch Lift Kit?

More than the aesthetics, a lift kit adds a layer of personality to your ride. When choosing for the appropriate off-road companion, you might want to look into several aspects of a lift kit including:

  • Adding more ground clearance.
  • Improving the ride quality of your truck.
  • Increasing your viewing range of terrain and sceneries.

Modifying your truck’s suspension by using a lift kit raises the body of your Dodge RAM 2500, so you get not just an aggressive-looking vehicle, but also provides you with cost effective means of altering your ride. Using a lifted skirt is a better alternative of increasing your truck’s off-road capacities without touching the mechanical and geometry of your steering and suspension.

Should I Opt for a Suspension Lift or a Body Lift?

Knowing what each process involves will help you determine which appropriate modification is for you. A body lift basically uses blocks and spacers to increase the ground clearance of your vehicle while a body lift kit adds extra height to the suspension and wheel setting so it can accommodate larger tires.

Though both modification process still retains its original driving and handling qualities, several other aspects are affected, including the vehicle’s stability and its gravitational center. Adjusting the wheels and suspension setting prevents a significant setback if you want to have a 6-inch lift kit installed.  

What Other Problems Might Possibly Happen When I Have a Dodge RAM 2500 6 inch Lift Kit Installed?

Though most modifications are appropriately done, there are several problems you need to watch out for when having your vehicle modified. Some of the issues you might want to look at include a too-large modification that damages components like the suspension. Ensuring the lift kit has enough height to accommodate other alterations will help ensure you get back on the road, worry free.

Because your truck sits higher, you also need to have the vehicle’s computer recalibrated. A RAM 2500 6 inch lift will more likely affect your vehicle drive, but make sure that everything is appropriated aside from the modification job itself.

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