Ram 2500 Lift Kit

Top Gun Customz (TGC), established in 2003, is among the leading manufacturers of custom suspension systems. TGC is well known for offering unique and efficient forging products. This company is known for its preparing customizable kits according to the customer’s needs. They deal from individual parts to fully custom made kits that you may require for your vehicle.

At TGC, you will get two types of suspension lift kits:

  • Dodge suspension Lift kits
  • Ford Suspension Lift Kits

But here we are going to focus more on the Dodge suspension kits especially the dodge ram 2500 lift kits. The Dodge Ram is highly popular compared to other brands. A good suspension lift kit can do wonders for your vehicle and add better utility. There are several lift kits available, but it depends on you how much you want to raise the vehicle’s body.

Which is the Best Lift Kit?

If you are planning to upgrade your truck and looking for the best dodge ram 2500 lift kits, then here are few choices to choose from:

Performance Accessories Body Lift Kit for Dodge Ram 2500:

  • This kit consists of all the essential parts you need for body lifting your truck.
  • You can easily get 3-inches of lift
  • You can keep all stock parts intact
  • It provides efficient ride without any trouble

Front Leveling Lift Kit|2.5-inches Front for Dodge Ram 2500

  • This kit is available at an affordable price range.
  • It provides a 2.5-inches lift on the front suspension
  • You will also receive an additional shock extension brackets
  • The installation manual is very easy to understand
  • This kit is a basic set excluding any complex parts

Rough Country 37|2.5-Inch Lift kit for Dodge Ram 2500

  • This kit comes from a branded company, Rough Country.
  • Easier installation process even for beginners
  • You can complete the lifting process within 2 to 3 hours
  • Will only work on Dodge Ram models of 2014-2018
  • Provides 2.5-inches lift
  • Comes with every object you require for installation.

Firestone Ride-Rite Spring for Dodge Ram 2500

  • Made for older Dodge Ram 2500 models
  • The kit can be used for models of 1969 to 1996
  • The springs can support 3000-5000 load pounds.
  • Best for heavy Dodge Rams
  • Comes at an affordable rate

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Body Lift?

If you want to give a body suspension lift to your Dodge Ram 2500 vehicle, it can cost you from $400 to $3000. However, the cost varies according to the product you are using. Every company has its price points. Moreover, there is an additional $1,000 labor cost if you can’t do it by yourself.

But if you want to get excellent performance from your truck, a suspension lift would be the right decision. It improves the overall ride function of your car, and you can enjoy more while you drive it. To get the best suspension lift kits for Dodge Ram 2500 check out Top Gun Customz today!