Ram 2500 Traction Bars

There are many custom auto parts manufacturers on the market. This is because custom parts allow for customers to tailor their vehicles to their exact specifications, allowing for full personalization that a trip to your local auto parts store does not allow for.

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What comes in a traction bar kit for a Ram 2500?

We produce traction bar kits for the Ram 2500 in several options: ladder style for both rear and quad cab as well as with or without overlays. We also produce traction bar kits for Rams of all years since 1994.

Each kit comes with two heavy-duty adjustable, fully powder coated, steel constructed traction bars, all of the necessary hardware, and instructions to complete the installation. You can also forego the powder coat if you would like to do your powder coating. It is important to note: if you have a urea tank, these traction bars will not fit due to the mounting points and skid plate of the tank's location.

Also, make sure to measure from the center of your axle to the frame to determine the proper traction bar length. You don't want to get our kit only for it to not fit.

How will these traction bars improve my Ram 2500?

The traction bars will help to avoid creating additional heavy stress points on the suspension and prevents wheel hop during hard acceleration by preventing the axle from twisting backward as it delivers forward thrust.

Both rear wheels will remain grounded, providing constant forward progress and more suspension control considering the leaf springs will now stay where they are supposed to. They will also improve the overall life of your suspension, allowing for fewer repairs or replacements.