Ram 3500 Leveling Kit

Buying a new car may feel like going to a ball party with strangers. You feel the icy stares from onlookers and speculate that some people are actively analyzing your attire. A new car attracts onlookers within your neighborhood, your local shopping outlet, and the workplace. While the new car or truck will seem nice to outsiders, a few keen eyes will probably notice that it may need new tires, leveling and tire customizations, among other things.

A Ram 3500 Leveling Kit is one of the critical tools that even out the stance of your car. This kit will allow you to fit in larger wheels and tires, of up to 33 to 35 inches. Other benefits of investing in leveling equipment include increasing the car’s shock absorption, maintaining a steady feel of the steering, lengthening the tires’ longevity and improving the general handling of the vehicle.

 What makes up a fitting leveling kit?

The Ram 3500 Leveling Kit and other models have specific manufacturing standardization that fits into particular cars. While there are vendors who sell generic kits, it is unwise to purchase kits that do not mold into the make of your vehicle. These particular parts have a concise life due to their weak materials and inferior manufacturing.   

  • A general characteristic of leveling kits is the strut spacer that often varies between one and three inches in size. The addition of the spacer ensures that the truck’s suspension maintains its angle and holding.
  • Some kits have laser cut spacers made of steel or aluminum.
  • The 2500HD and 3500HD leveling kits include torsion bars for the front suspension.

Top Gun Customz began operating in 2003 as a manufacturer of leveling kits and other suspension components. The firm produces kits that ease installation, making it easy for the mechanic to work with an array of cars. The products have high material quality and well-engineered lift system designs. The kits vary according to the variation of cars’ models, makes and drive. The sales store includes leveling kits for Chevrolet, Ford, Ram, Dodge, Nissan, Jeep, and Toyotas.

Top Gun Customz earned a name as a top manufacturer of suspension kits due to their customized selling assortment. The group parks together select parts upon request, compliment the function of the leveling kit. Our technicians develop exclusive designs using unique engineering formulas and hand welding. We source our materials from the United States and employ qualified American labor in our facility at Knoxville.

How to order

You can shop our online store or check in to our office at Knoxville to make orders. The leveling kits are available for shipment in less than the standard ten days. We process the shopping in the sequence of the arrival and send them to the warehouse. You will receive a notification email about the tracking status of your product. We try our best to shorten the time between your order and its shipment from the warehouse. The delivery time may vary between 6 to 8 days depending on the day of its purchase and the carrier’s working program.