Super Duty Traction Bars

Traction bars are an essential accessory in trucks, especially after a lift. They allow the car to have smoother shifts and stabilize the back end. It is needless to state that you will have a lot more fun driving. Traction bars are especially vital in rainy weather to prevent axle wraps.

Why do you need traction bars?

They are rigid bars with bracketed ends to latch onto the front spring and the end of the drive axle. These bars prevent the axle shaft from twisting and maintains the wheel’s forward movement by causing the rear ones to push down on the road. Trucks that are more susceptible to axle wraps include ones with a high horsepower, soft and elongated leaf packs, big tires, lift blocks and worn spring perches. The leaf packs bend into an S shape when the leaf pack wears out, causing the rear pinion to warp upwards.

Types of traction bars

One common and general nature of bars are the single ones with A-shaped tubing. The installed bushings and shackles allow the suspension to have more flexibility. Two major traction bars are the slapper bar and the Caltrac styled bars.

  • Slapper bars – They prevent twisting of the rear axle by making the bar come into a stop when it touches the leaf spring. The tires the push against the surface below and move.
  • Slipper bars – These work differently by stopping the twist of the spring and the axle simultaneously. They use a bellcrank system and a lever to push against the spring and prevent it from bending into an S curvature.

Short-length traction bars are great for drag races with the attachment of spring shackles at the attachment point.  Longer bars spread out the load because they connect to a farther end at the front. They constitute stronger materials to distribute the weight and prevent easy breakage. Top Gun Customz has Super Duty Traction Bars for the car models Dodge, Chevy and Ford.

How to install traction bars

A proper installation will maintain the suspension while keeping a healthy drivetrain. If you have a demanding performance requirement, it is advisable that you hire a qualified mechanic to install the bar and adjust it to fit the driving conditions. Traction bars are easy to when you follow these steps:

  • Jack up the car so that you can access the axle and springs.
  • Remove the shocks and tires.
  • Separate the brake cables and remove the lower spring plates
  • Fit the traction bar into the bolts and ensure that you tighten all the screws. Place the bolting nuts into the holes while it sits into the leaf spring, then tighten the terminal screws.
  • Reattach the shocks and tires.
  • Ensure that the snubbers have a secure attachment and be quick to seek professional help in case of any doubt or complication.

Top Gun Customz does in house installations on all business days. We begin working on your truck after you make a deposit and drop it at one of our locations. Our Super Duty Traction Bars will provide you with a lengthy and steady service that will not require repetitive services.